Expand with Mainland Europe Office Opening help leaders at every level start and scale thriving hyper-growth 6-7 figure consulting businesses., the London headquartered company which helps leaders at every level start, scale and build out thriving 6-7 figure businesses, has announced it has expanded into Europe with the launch of an office in Madrid.

David Pierce Hallahan, Founder & CEO empowers people the world over to leave the traditional employment model behind by equipping them with the skills and inside track to start from scratch, scale and build their very own hyper-lucrative business.

Announcing the launch, Hallahan stated: “The situation facing the global workforce is alarming and Europe represents a significant addressable market comprising a population interested in exerting far greater control over it's future. By starting their own business, getting real world results and changing their life, our clients are solving problems, creating real value in their market niche and quickly getting their business to that first step of 6-figures and beyond. We are excited by many of the opportunities we are seeing here and look forward to witnessing and supporting dramatic transformation and growth for our clients.” clients span all corners of the globe and the company's approach defeats old-fashioned, outdated thinking to unleash clients tactically and technically with skills they don't teach you whether at school, at university or in the highest rungs of corporate management about what it truly takes for your own business to thrive in the real world.

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