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About David Pierce

David Pierce Hallahan is an Entrepreneur, creator of ConsultingFuture.com, founder of Team Capital and Director at The Alexander Group, ranked among America’s best search firms by Forbes magazine. He has acted as advisor to business leaders around the world on leadership for more than 20 years, mentored with some of the world’s best and is the mastermind behind life transforming changes for literally hundreds of top business leaders and “get ahead” individuals. David Pierce is not simply a mentor or trusted advisor, nor just a high ticket leader - he has developed a mastery at helping people around the world achieve significant breakthroughs in their life. He is a recognised authority and master tactician in the psychology of leadership, change and negotiation. 

What began with self doubt

David Pierce Hallahan, like many before and after him, went through the classic route. He went to a good university then moved into a corporate position in a company. This was the path that he was expected to follow so he conformed and did just that. This did not make him happy. David Pierce wanted something else, something more. He would meet regularly with Gilles a client and friend at that time and they were binded by similar thoughts: is this it? Is this really the best it gets? The whole career working for a company, in a cubicle, limited return for efforts, when deep down he had a burning desire to achieve and to experience real success on his own terms. Work colleagues and peers clearly felt the same about their jobs but did nothing to change it.

Became a roller coaster of joy then tragedy

David Pierce did something that many don't have the courage to do. He quit his job and put 100% of his time and effort into launching his first consulting business at age 25 with his friend Gilles investing every last penny. The business struggled for the first month but quickly experienced strong growth. Dramatically his close friend and business partner was killed in a devastating plane crash 10 months later. So when disaster struck David Pierce had to answer himself one question: Grow or Die? It was either go to the next level after disaster struck or revert back to the corporate cubicle. The traditional advice of going back to the corporate world and a 9-5 job just was not an option. He gave himself no option but to challenge the “traditional employment model”, to figure it out and not fall back into traditional thinking. Surely this new existence could continue? The taste of success drove him on.

Transformed into a determination to succeed

After a dream start and then nightmare scenario - to riding out recessions, testing and adapting new business models across different businesses, markets, continents and cultures, Irish born David Pierce went on to start and co-found companies in professional services, recruitment, consulting and high tech industries, always with a clear focus on distinct market differentiation and really matching with market needs. He has gone through constant change and transformations - seen some of the fastest growth businesses evolve and made it his life's work to create a breakthrough program accessible to everybody.

Which changed lives

Headhunter-turned-consultant David Pierce Hallahan has gone to microscopic lengths to win and deliver for clients, based on emphatic process, relentless execution and of course always striving to gain the inside track and inside knowledge. It is with a real sense of pride that he has been able to observe his clients evolve and succeed - seeing how people can inspire action and the profound impact on their lives. He has spent almost two decades mentoring with some of the world’s best and is the mastermind behind life transforming career moves for literally hundreds of business leaders, up and coming working professionals and individuals around the globe.

And is changing them again

Today David Pierce is rewriting the rules and inspiring people the world over to play at a different level and secure superior income, faster, than the classic career path with the ultimate result that personal and financial fulfillment is achieved. He is helping people from all around the world irrespective of background, education and current earnings; from up and coming professionals looking for a better life, right through to senior executives, top company officers, entrepreneurs and established business owners. For many it is about making that switch from a corporate cubicle into their own thriving business – all have in common that desire for hyper dramatic change and massive transformation.

Superior income and earnings are no longer reliant on you being the CEO of a large group or climbing the career ladder the traditional way, nor is it dependant on degrees or your background. We have engineered and crafted a proven 7 week implementation program to show you precisely how to start a thriving 6 to 7 figure business using a step by step blueprint based on empirical methodologies whilst our mindset framework teaches you to think like an entrepreneur and is your catalyst for real breakthrough and unthinkable success.

Welcome to the future.
We are living in a world where the whole concept and meaning of work is shifting.
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