David Rowlands, Former Managing Director Hertz (UK) - London, UK.
“David Pierce Hallahan helped me to create the shift in mindset to go from working a corporate job to starting my own business. I would have never imagined that I would end 2019 with my own business. I had spent my entire career in senior corporate roles and a big change has happened in my life. My business has carved out a real niche, we are getting traction and things are moving fast.

David has a true passion for helping his clients see the bigger picture whilst providing a supportive yet challenging path to make you think outside the 'norms' of how things are traditionally done. He works with you guiding, supporting and coaching with his vision to help you reach better outcomes than you originally thought possible at the start. He breaks it all down, all really logical and has a presence which is uplifting on many levels, so much drive and energy, it’s catching and invigorating. I am excited by the future, the progress in the business and David’s second level: 7Figure Leaders system will be one of my next challenges. He will continue to play an ongoing role and intervention in my evolution. David is able to see business trends ahead of time, his approach is unique and he challenges executives to think differently helping and steering you to a more transformative outcome that exceeds expectations. He is able to provide a framework for aspiring and seasoned business leaders to master the art of thinking differently to your business landscape.”


Johannes Dotter, Former CEO Heitkamp (Germany) / Board Member at Renaissance Construction (Austria), and former Porr CEO - Vienna, Austria.
"David secured my first CEO role almost a decade ago and I have since been a client through his on-boarding of several leaders for my teams. He is ruthlessly effective, delivers time and time again, and now today as a Consultingfuture.com client he has laid out for me the chart and blueprint to really succeed in a timely fashion with my own business. If you don't know where you're going, you're lost. David shows you how to get incredibly good at something, what to focus on, and meticulously breaks down step by step all the crucial parts required to start, lead and build out a business and a market. He has opened up a whole new tier in this space."

Thierry Potok, President of the American European Consulting Services Corporation, Former CEO Studio Babelsberg (renowned for films such as Casino Royal, The Bourne movies, Mission Impossible), Former CEO Vivendi Deutschland - Texas, USA.
“For more than a decade I was able to appreciate at first hand David Pierce Hallahan’s talent as well as his uncanny ability to decipher the evolution of business trends which progressively transform what the world expects from business leaders and advisors. Yet again, David is creating a whole new category in the business landscape. He is passionate about his clients, and his innovative approach, process and very successful track record provide a tremendous foundation for aspiring business leaders intent on mastering the art and ‘new way’ of operating where service delivery is nailed down and impressively scaled.”


Adam M. Berger, President - Doering Fleet Management - Milwaukee, USA.
"Working with David through week 2 of the program has been nothing short of a treat for me.  His perspective on life and how we live our lives and build our futures is unique and uniquely challenging for ConsultingFuture.com clients.


David challenges me weekly to think differently.  Some of his illustrations and words set off fireworks of ideas and emotions that can be turned readily into actions and results.  Not only is David a wealth of knowledge, experiences, and perspective, David has been to the summit and back in his prior ventures and teaches us how to reach our own summits. He does not cast clients in his own likeness, but helps us find our own and supports it.  His attention to detail and intensely personalized program is the best investment I've made in me in years.  I thought I was getting a consulting business coach, but I gained a life coach, business coach, and long-term confidant and champion. 


David has EQ to match his IQ and feels what his clients feel. It's clear to me.  He is a gem and I appreciate his time, energy, and program because it demonstrably conveys his passion for personal and professional growth in each of us.  I've used some of the key messages and illustrations to convey thoughts and beliefs I've had for years and codify them with terms and deeper understanding. Contrarian thinking. Some of these codified beliefs I've had.  Some gave a name to what I believed already.  Some validated the way I've been successful in my life to date, but noted the core ingredients in the success David wants and I want for my future.


David is prompt and respectful of time, always organized, and has empathy and conviction in his every word.  He helped me convert his words after week one of the program to new consulting revenue in my existing business where no such revenue stream existed. The impact was immediate and significant.  We now have multiple consulting proposals outstanding and one signed. To say "5" or "I'm pleased" would be nothing short of a slap in the face.  David is a gem and I suggest you get him on your side...as your gem."  

Yaima Iglesias Moya, Senior Account Executive‎ - Salesforce.com - Madrid, Spain.
“The tactics and strategies contained in the Breakthrough Program were key to my recently closing several important deals and opening up new clients in my market. David demonstrates real life tangible illustration, different to any training or program I have witnessed and is excellent at facilitating an action-led process. He does not let things happen by chance. Everything is deliberate and purposeful. The methodologies and processes are comprehensive and meticulously thought through, creating real structure and a roadmap to focus on closing new clients and building sales. He is relentlessly committed to making his clients succeed. Bold and different. Highly recommended.”

JB III.jpg

Jon Bass, Former professional footballer at Birmingham City, Director at John West Contractors Ltd – Bristol, UK.

“David’s client acquisition tactics are impressive. Within the first 30 days of working with him I secured 4 new high paying customers. His in-depth, nuanced subject knowledge and highly tuned interpersonal skills set him apart. His concepts are engaging and interpretation of your capabilities are informed and refreshing. The program is creative in approach, yet reassuringly structured in its delivery, David leaves no stone uncovered.”


Steven Williard, Owner - Black River Consulting LLC - New Jersey, USA.

"David’s entrepreneurial spirit and creativity are the bedrock of his propensity to start and grow successful businesses.  I have been a client and a collaborator with him on a series of ventures. ConsultingFuture.com incorporates his own valuable professional expertise, his deep HR training and knowledge of how organizations work, as well as lengthy research into state-of-the-art practices. Is there a better litmus test than personally proven successes which have been arrived at over many years combined with a management consultant’s approach at how to build a consulting business?


I have had the opportunity to critically evaluate and participate in a multitude of business propositions over my career. This program is special because it is founded upon a uniquely exceptional passion for service to his clients and a selfless desire to assure they achieve their own success…infused into a structured methodology…which can only result in dramatic accomplishments." 


Xavier Hernando, Secondaries Placement Agent - Financial Services - London, UK."David has this incredible ability of injecting his energy and positivity into others. His strength is his ability to understand a niche market then boil things right down to their core and focus on what is important. Then, of course, putting in place a process to achieve the right outcome. I worked with David recently and he gave me the confidence to step-up in my career and go to that next level. It is hard to put into words but just by spending time with David, I sense myself becoming wiser, more ambitious and more capable. He has done so much to bring out the best in me."


Daniel Arrans, Owner - Round5, Next generation martial arts - South of France.

“I believe everyone, regardless of their seniority, should have access to David’s strategies, sales tactics and processes. Thanks to David I have signed up more than 15 new clients in the past two months alone. I am also now armed technically and mentally for the launch of a second business in my space which would never have been possible without his stewardship.


When you work one-on-one with him, he becomes part of your mindset. I have seen at first hand how dedicated and passionate he is to make things happen and this has had a real breakthrough in my life. I have trained national and world champions and without the mental preparation they would not have got to where they have got to.


David has a remarkable ability to understand people, reprogram their mindset and help them go way beyond what they even thought was their potential. His creative approach shows just what can be achieved in non-traditional ways.”

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